Bconnect Technologies Ltd. was established in 2007 and has set itself with the goal of introducing Israeli public with a wide range of innovative electronic products, communications and accessories for smartphones and tablets at various price levels. The company specializes in importing, marketing and distribution of electronics and audio products, including headsets, wireless headsets, sport headsets, Bluetooth headsets, speakers, karaoke sets, sound projector- sound bar, wireless phones, recording devices, and more.

In addition, the company specializes in locating, procuring and importing quality product lines for private brands such as Pelephone's Gini Eco360, Kravitz's Plug & Play, Shilav and more.

Bconnect offers convenient and safe sale through this site, while also supporting approximately 900 points of sale in Israel, including leading marketing chains such as Kravitz, Big Box, Best Mobile, Ivory Bug, ALM, leading E-commerce sites and hundreds of private stores throughout the country.

Bconnect Technologies Ltd. is the official representative in Israel of world-class leading brands:

B&O Play – subsidiary of the famous Danish company Bang & Olufsen, manufacturing luxurious design high quality headphones and speakers of the highest sound quality and acoustic performances. A set of premium products for limited distribution by a few selected stores throughout the country.

Philips – a wide range of headphones, sound projectors, wireless speakers, cordless phones, pocket projectors, mini cassette players, docking stations and more.

Jabra – the world leader in the development and manufacture of head systems, wireless headsets and Bluetooth handsets, with excellent sound quality.

Belkin – an American manufacturer offering a wide range of technological innovations and accessories for the computer environment, personal and home electronics and mobile phones. Belkin is known for its simple-use products that offer high quality and uncompromising safety.

Motorola – High quality home security cameras and baby monitors for a more relaxed life.

Acoustic Concept – our home brand of audio products, such as headphones, speakers and mobile sound systems offering a young and stylish design, great quality and affordable pricing.

Power Concept – our home brand of charging products – cables for mobile devices and tablets, car and home chargers, mobile battery charger that enables charging both at home and outside. The products were designed with an innovative and functional design that enables use and adaptation to the needs of your specific mobile device, with strict quality assurance that allows long lasting use.

Our offices are located at Bilu-In Center, Qiryat Eqron, Israel.

Address: Bconnect Technologies LTD, PO Box 50, Qiryat Eqron 70500.

Telephone number: 972-8-9418222

E-Mail: info@bconnect.co.il

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